Extreme Antler

An Overview of Extreme Antler

If you are a male athlete or body builder, the chances you have already heard of Extreme Antler. In this review, we plan to tell you everything you need to know about this supplement
to help you to decide whether this non-steroid body building supplement is right for you.

What is Deer Antler Spray?Extreme Antler

As the name indicates this supplement comes from deer antlers. Specifically it comes from antlers that are still at the pre cartilaginous stage. That is to say, before the antlers harden and calcify completely.

The spray is prepared by slicing the antler very finely and steeping it to release the vitamins, minerals and hormones.

An Ancient Supplement

Many people think that this spray is a recent innovation. In reality deer antlers have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Different parts of the antler were and still are used to treat different health issues. The top part was used as a growth tonic. The middle section was used to treat arthritis and similar disorders. For the elderly the bottom section was considered especially beneficial.

The list of conditions that velvet antler can potentially treat is a long one. However, this article is primarily for body builders, so its use in this field of fitness and health is what we are going to focus on.

Modern Uses for Deer Antler Supplements

Recently the supplement has been causing waves in the fitness world. It is being taken by professional athletes to help them to recover from injury, have more stamina in the gym, build muscle and improve definition.

Currently, it is used across the world by tens of thousands of people to improve the look of their body and to give them the stamina to be able to improve their cardiovascular health too.

Who Can Use Velvet Antler Spray?

Deer Velvet is an all-natural product the vast majority of people can take safely.

There have been no clinical studies carried out into the effects of taking the product, but there are plenty of reviews and very few people report any adverse side effect from taking this supplement. However, a few people do say that they find the effect it has on their sex drive a bit overwhelming.

Everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different, so some people do not notice a change in their libido. Others do and occasionally the increase in their libido leads to it being difficult to get the balance right.

It is important to realise that the supplement is quite powerful. It contains both estrogen and testosterone and high levels of IDF-1, which is a growth factor. You are going to notice some differences when you take it, but they should be positive. An increase in stamina and energy is a positive side effect many people experience.

Is Extreme Antler Safe?

Healthy men and women aged over 18 can normally take the supplement. However, as with any powerful supplement it needs to be introduced gradually and if you experience adverse side effects you need to stop taking it.

Anyone who is on medication or who has a pre-existing condition should consult their doctor before taking this supplement. People with heart conditions, diabetes, or hormone sensitive diseases, like cancer, should be particularly careful.

OK, so enough of the overview, what do the reviews say? Again, we are going to focus on what athletes and body builders think of extreme deer antler.

What the Extreme Antler Reviews Say

To put together this section of the article we have read reviews from users from several different sources. We have looked at weight training forums, the websites of retailers who allow their buyers to review and spoken to people we know who have used the supplement.

It Works

The vast majority of the reviews that we read were positive. In fact, it is so effective some sporting bodies are moving to stop professional athletes from taking it.

More Endurance

This product is primarily sold as a way of getting better muscle definition. It definitely works in this way, but the majority of users said the thing they noticed the most was that they had more endurance. This meant that they could work out more, which may be why most found they were able to improve their muscle definition.

This supplement is definitely not a magic bullet. You still have to do the work to benefit from the supplement. It will not turn a couch potato into an Adonis.

Tastes Funny

Perhaps the biggest drawback was the taste. Not everyone liked it. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the taste you have to put it under your tongue. You cannot mix it into your protein shake.

Following the Usage Instructions is Important

Some users pointed out that they did not get good results until they read and followed the instructions to the letter. This supplement cannot be effectively absorbed by the digestive tract. Some of its potency is loss by the digestive process.

This is why it is sold as a spray. You need to spray it under the tongue and hold it there to ensure that it is absorbed by the body.

Quality is Important

This brings us to another important point. You have to buy a good quality product to get results. Which brings us to the last subject, which is where to buy your velvet deer antler supplement?

Where Can I Buy Extreme Shred?

The only way to ensure you are buying a good quality product is to buy from a trusted source. We recommend that you buy direct from the suppliers website, which is why all of the links we provide take you direct to the manufacturer’s website rather than a re-sellers site. Buying in this way ensures you buy the genuine product rather than a cheap fake or watered down version.